Letting nature take hold

Cocooned within the Gold Coast Hinterland’s premiere address, KOEDN crafts the perfect shade sail alternate for the 606 Tallai residence to connect effortlessly from the terrace to the living space.

KOEDNs premium LUDA + concept replaces an existing Bali hut to increase the usable area and create covered connectivity between the home and pool. Originally, the clients sought to find the perfect shade sail as a way of bringing this connection, however after much research, they found little resolve as the traditional sails required additional posts that protruded on the view and closed the area too much.

In the end, the LUDA was selected for the cantilever, single-sided column design that allows uninterrupted views of the enveloping panoramic setting. This, coupled with the modern architectural style associated with the LUDA, connects harmoniously with the style of this iconic Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home.

KOEDNs design team aimed to position LUDA+ to make the most of the homes’ idyllic views and for clients’ to enjoy their outside oasis all year round.

This gazebo covers 30sqm of area and serves as a waterproof entertainment zone, complete with outdoor kitchen and integrated barbeque, dining and outdoor entertaining area. The kitchen is affixed to LUDAs columns and KOEDNs signature integrated laser cut metal screens.

The outdoor space is completed with the modern ORSAY up/downlight duo to the LUDA+ upright columns.

This architecturally inspired masterpiece is now complete to experience its outdoor reverence under the LUDA+ shelter.

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