Cantilever shade structures and elements are found in droves throughout the architectural world. Their beauty is in the minimalistic, floating appearance of the overhanging roof supported by posts on a single side.

Cantilever shade structures and waterproof structures became a popular form with the introduction of steel and reinforced concrete. They are used extensively in building construction, notably in:

concrete cantilever shade structures

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cantilever structures furniture bench timber and concrete

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cantilever waterproof structures home timber and concrete

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Overhanging home elements and projections to create carports and driveways

cantilever shade structure umbrella by tuuci

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Overhanging roofs such as shade structures and umbrellas

Together, the dramatic look of a cantilever design couples with a practical purpose in that is reduces the floor footprint, increases external space at ground level and maximises views.

These structures combine functionality and strength with minimal ground impact in that its posts are kept to one side of the structure.

What is a cantilever structure?

Put simply; a freestanding structure with a spanning roof that is supported by posts on only one side of the structure. The significant advantage of these structures are obvious – fewer posts! Fewer posts mean more usable living space that will fit in almost any space. Why hinder your space with posts when a cantilever gives full coverage without taking up floor area and provides an open sense of space.

KOEDN®’s collection of cantilever structures are designed exclusively with the cantilever form to ensure that whichever area it covers, provides the most usable open floor space with unobstructed posts. KOEDN®s range are tailored to meet new home owners and renovators specific site needs, including the width, span and height, the shade and curvature of the roofline, and also the direction of the water runoff. Guttering can also be included upon request and is included as a standard within our Luda waterproof range. Choose also from a variety of colours from our waterproof & shade roof skins, depending on your use.

cantilever waterproof structure LUDA from KOEDN

When cantilevers are a great option

A cantilever design is best utilised in areas where having a lot of posts is not practical. Outdoor spaces such as pool or spa shade, dining areas, entertainment spaces, single and double carports, even walkways, the beauty of the cantilever design lie in its flexibility.

Have a stunning view you don’t want to compromise? A cantilever from KOEDN® provides unobstructed views with the cantilever design. With many sizes and spans available, KOEDN®’s structures will fit ultimately in any space outside the home.

Cantilever products are a great option for those seeking a shade solution that is both functional and visually appealing. Compared to traditional shade structures like pergolas or shade sails, these structures offer a unique design that allows for uninterrupted space underneath, making them perfect for a variety of outdoor spaces.

While other shade solutions such as pergolas or shade sails can provide adequate coverage, they often require additional posts or support beams that can obstruct the flow of the space. Additionally, pergolas and shade sails can be limited in terms of design options and customisation, whereas cantilever designs offer a wide range of design possibilities, from curved or straight spans to unlimited colour options.

When it comes to waterproof structures, the cantilever is also a great option compared to traditional options like awnings or fixed roofs. Awnings can be limiting in terms of placement and design options, while fixed roofs can be expensive and time-consuming to install. Cantilever structures, on the other hand, can be designed with waterproof materials that provide both shade and protection from the elements, while still allowing for flexible placement and unique design elements.

Overall, while there are other shade and waterproof structure options available on the market, the cantilever offers a versatile and customisable solution that can be tailored to fit any outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or a more traditional look, cantilevers offer a variety of design possibilities that can transform any outdoor space into a functional and beautiful area.

waterproof structures KOEDN luda shade structure over pool modern home outdoor area

KOEDN® Luda 645 waterproof skin

Outdoor Entertainment Area

cantilever shade structure KOEDN Luda shade structure over pool modern home outdoor area

KOEDN® Ikoe Curve 435 double shade skin 

Pool Shade

cantilever structure iKOE patio shade multiportal

KOEDN® Ikoe Curve 1035 multiportal shade skin

Patio Shade

Cantilever Structure KOEDN - I-BMP-SH-C - iKOE Butterfly Portal Shade Curve Profile - Pool Shade - 600x400 -018

KOEDN® Ikoe Butterfly Multiportal 129 shade skin

Dual Use

KOEDN®’s series of structures offer a wide range of benefits for a variety of outdoor spaces. The cantilever series, in particular, is a great solution for carports, pool areas, patios, pergolas, and even walkways. With the unique cantilever design, these structures eliminate the need for posts in certain areas, creating a more spacious and visually appealing outdoor space.

One of the most significant advantages of KOEDN®’s cantilever series is the ability to save your car doors from damage. By removing posts altogether from your driveway, the cantilever structure provides an unobstructed parking area while keeping your vehicle cool, dry, and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Moreover, positioning the posts against a wall or fence is an excellent way to eliminate posts from the living space in front of it, creating a more practical and functional outdoor space.

For poolside pergolas, safety is a top priority, and KOEDN®’s cantilever series offers a practical solution to avoid dangerous posts near the pool edging. By maximizing lounging space and removing any obstructions, KOEDN®’s shade products provide a comfortable and safe outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Additionally, each of KOEDN®’s structures comes with specially designed wall fixings that ensure a secure and stable installation, providing peace of mind and durability for years to come.


Cantilever shade structures can be customised with a variety of materials, including traditional corrugated roof colorbond® sheets, tiles, bricks, really any material commonly used on a house roof.

cantilever structure materials

Traditional corrugated roof colorbond® sheets are a popular choice for cantilever shade structures due to their durability and low maintenance. They come in a variety of colours and can be easily matched with the colour scheme of the surrounding area. However, one downside of using corrugated colorbond® sheets is that they may not provide as much insulation as other materials, which can lead to temperature fluctuations inside the structure.

Tiles are another option for cantilever shade solutions. They offer a wide range of design possibilities and can be customized to match the aesthetics of the surrounding area. They are also known for their durability and resistance to weather conditions. However, tiles can be heavy, which may require additional support and increase the cost of the structure. Additionally, tile roofs can be difficult to repair or replace if damaged.

Bricks can also be used for the roofing of cantilever structures, providing a sleek and modern look to the structure. They are low maintenance and offer good insulation, which can help regulate temperature inside the structure. However, bricks are heavy and may require additional structural support. They are also prone to cracking and chipping over time, which can be difficult to repair.

Overall, the choice of material for the roofing of cantilever shade solutions depends on various factors, such as the aesthetic preference, budget, and functionality required. Each material has its pros and cons, and it is important to consider these factors when choosing the best material for the specific project.

It all feels a little been there, done that. Ever considered fabric membranes? KOEDN®’s skins reflect heat much more effectively than steel. This, coupled with superior acoustics, aesthetics and colour ranges, makes a great case to consider a skin over sheet metal

waterproof structure fabrics

While traditional materials like Colorbond® sheets, tiles, and bricks offer benefits, they may not be the best solution for cantilever shade products in terms of waterproofing and providing adequate shade. In contrast, waterproof and shade fabric membranes are specifically designed for use in outdoor structures and have several advantages over traditional roofing materials.

Waterproof and shade fabric membranes are flexible and can be designed to fit the unique shape and size of a cantilever structure, whereas traditional roofing materials may require cutting and reshaping to fit the structure. Additionally, fabric membranes are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, allowing for more design flexibility and customization options.

In terms of waterproofing, fabric membranes are specially engineered to provide superior water resistance and durability. They are treated with special coatings and laminates that make them resistant to water, mildew, and UV rays, ensuring that they will last for many years in outdoor environments. This is in contrast to traditional roofing materials, which may require frequent maintenance and repairs to prevent leaks and damage from exposure to the elements.

Finally, fabric membranes provide superior shade protection compared to traditional roofing materials. They can block up to 99% of UV rays, providing a comfortable and safe outdoor environment for people and pets. They are also more breathable than traditional roofing materials, allowing for better air circulation and ventilation, which can help keep the area underneath the shade structure cooler and more comfortable.

While traditional roofing materials like Colorbond® sheets, tiles, and bricks can be used for cantilever structures, waterproof and shade fabric membranes offer several advantages in terms of flexibility, customization, waterproofing, and shade protection. They are a superior option for those looking to create a functional and visually appealing outdoor space.

The first thought a lot of people have when they consider soft roof membranes are how durable they will be, especially when confronted with the harsh Australian weather. You may be surprised. Let us debunk a few common misconceptions by listing out the benefits of using quality exterior grade fabrics as a roof structure.

Like all things, there are superior and inferior external textiles available. KOEDN® uses tried and tested waterproof and shade membranes (or skins as we call them). Our waterproof shade structures are made with Italian made Serge Ferrari Soltis Proof 502, a commercial-grade external membrane with a patented Precontraint technology that doesn’t stretch, resists UV damage to rigorous pigment selection and thicker yarn crest coating than anything on the market today.

1. UV / Fade Resistant

There is no other product on the market, quite like Soltis. Soltis provide tried and tested protection against heat and guarantee year-round comfort, and with maximum UV protection, Soltis 502 blocks 100% UV rays and a UPF of 50+ for all colours.

2. Superior Strength

Thanks to Precontraint technology, Soltis 502 does not stretch, ensuring structures last over time and its durability resists UV damage to rigorous pigment selection and thicker yarn crest coating than anything on the market today.

3. Technologically Advanced

The technology of Soltis’ textiles gives our materials exceptional performance that enables them to surpass the standards of dimensional stability, mechanical strength, coating thickness, and flatness.

4. Looks Incredible

KOEDN®’s extensive colour palette, coupled with the smooth, modern surface of our waterproof textiles, create a unique, high end look to our products.

5. Sparks Creativity

Available in 40 colours with a unique satin finish, Soltis 502 textiles provide flexibility and strength, with total freedom of shade and size.

6. Mould / Mildew Resistant

KOEDN®’s range of waterproof textiles has a weldable PVDF surface treatment which improves dirt resistant.

Maybe you don’t need a completely waterproof solution. Perhaps all you need is protection from the sun. KOEDN®’s structures are proud to use Australian made Monotec, the strongest shade textile available that is saturated with highly UV stable pigments, where most dyeing methods only add colour to the fibre exterior. A few other benefits of KOEDN®’s shade skins;

1. UV / Fade Resistant

Our shade structure roof fibres are saturated with highly UV stable pigments. Traditional dyeing methods only add colour to the fibre exterior. Monotec fabrics’ performance characteristics are an integral part of the fabric, not an applied finish that would wash off over time.

2. Mould / Mildew Resistant

Due to Monotec’s smooth surface made from round monofilament yarn, they are more resistant to dirt and debris build-up. Keep your fabrics looking clean with a hose or gurney to ensure your fabric stays looking fresh.

3. Sun Protection

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends our fabrics in shading products as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin as a part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen.

4. Easy Maintainance

The strength of Monotec’s round monofilament yarn, when combined with the close lock-stitch construction makes it almost impossible to penetrate the fabric with damaging objects. Due to the positive memory in the round monofilament yarn, when installed correctly, there will be no need for installers to return to re-tension the fabric; this ensures minimal ongoing costs long after the installation is complete.

5. Superior Strength

Monotec is the only shade cloth that will retain its permanent shape and design. Due to the unique construction using 100% round monofilament yarn, Monotec 370 is more durable than other shade cloth types. Monotec fibres exceed Australian Standard requirements for bursting and tensile strength, with Superior durability and performance, even in excessively high wind conditions. There is no need to re-tighten, as the fabric is heat set for extra stability and improved handling characteristics.

You can find more information on a ranged of the best fabrics available on the market here


So there you have it… cantilever shade structures, in our opinion, far outweigh traditional structures due to their flexibility of use, ability to fit almost anywhere, and ability to customise options for colour, shape, size, fixing and skin type. KOEDN®’s shade and waterproof structures offer a fresh alternate to the traditional shade sail, gazebo, pergola, patio and carport.

Cantilever structures offer a modern, minimalistic design that not only enhances the appearance of outdoor spaces but also maximizes functionality. Compared to traditional shade structures, cantilever permanent structures provide unobstructed views, more usable space, and customizable design options.

KOEDN®’s cantilever series offers a versatile and tailored solution to fit any outdoor space, providing shade, protection, and style. So, if you are seeking a shade solution that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations, consider the benefits of a cantilever structure from KOEDN®.

Take the first step towards transforming your outdoor space today and contact KOEDN® to find out more about their cantilever series. Don’t let posts hinder your outdoor living experience any longer – upgrade to a cantilever and enjoy a new level of open space and style!

Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram for further ideas and inspo for your outdoor space and view KOEDN®’s complete range of cantilever products available now.

KOEDN Ikoe shade structure over pool modern home outdoor area